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42nd MoneyVal Plenary

19-Sep-2013 13:05:18

The representatives of the APML are participating at the 42nd MoneyVal Plenary in Strasbourg from 16 to 20 September. Apart from the APML, the delegation of the Republic of Serbia consists of the representatives of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice and the National Bank of Serbia.

The topic of the Plenary is a detailed analysis of the AML/CFT systems in Croatia, Monaco and Bulgaria regarding their compliance to the international standards. Besides technical compliance, the international community highlights the systems’ efficiency, or in other words, the evidence of their practical effectiveness.

Serbia has been commended on the quality of the National Money Laundering Risk Assessment it conducted.

Furthermore, the AML/CFT system of the Republic of Serbia will be changed next year.

Consequently, it is of utter importance for both the state authorities and the private sector to fully understand the importance of this assessment, since a well-established AML/CFT system is a step forward on our way to the European Union.

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