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Training sessions continue

21-Dec-2018 12:29:09

In previous months the APML held a range of sessions for obliged entities, where the topics such as NRA findings, the implementation of AML/CFT Law, relevant sectoral guidelines and the Law on Asset Freezing.  

 In the period between 22 October and 19 November 2018, 8 training sessions were held for 309 real estate agents as well as for market inspectors, who exercise supervisory inspection. The sessions were titled Awareness and Knowledge Raising on Identified Risks.   The sessions were held in Kragujevac, Novi Sad, Subotica, Niš, Valjevo, Belgrade and Pančevo.

 In early November 2018 presentations of NRA findings were held for accountants, leasing companies, insurance companies and lawyers; on 17. and 18. 12.2018. the presentations were held for accountans and exchange operators.  

 On 26 November 2018  presentations of NRA findings were held for broker companies and on 27 November 2018 for investment fund management companies, authorized banks and custody banks.  







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