New ML/TF risk assessment guidelines for brokers, auditors and casinos

21 July 2020

Serbian Securities Commission and the Administration for Games of Chance have updated their ML/TF risk assessment gudielines for obliged entities they supervise under the AML/CFT Law.


More on the Securities Commission's guidelines can be found on their website at: New ML/TF RA Guidelines


Securities Commission's guidelines can also be downloaded from APML website (Library - Guidelines and Recommendations).


The new guidelines of the Administration for Games of Chance can be accessed in the Library, Guidelines and Recommendations, at:


ML/TF RA Guidelines for Casinos

ML/TF RA Guidelines for Games of Chance organised through electronic communication


For the time being, you will only be able to read the Serbian versions of the documents as the translation of the previous guidelines, which are on our website, needs to be updated to reflect the 2020 amendements to the guidelines.