Current projects

The Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering is the main beneficiary of a major EU IPA-funded EUR 1.4-million worth Project of EU Support to Serbia in the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (2018-2020). The Project is implemented by a consortium lead by KPMG d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia.


The project was designed by the APML so as to provide support to its strategic plans and ongoing development, as well as further development of the entire AML/CFT system in Serbia,


One of the main objectives is to improve the fight against ML/TF by enhancing the quality and quantity of SARs and improving the capacities of the APML staff and its core functions, and interaction amongts the preventive and repressive segments of the AML/CFT system. The Project has a role in securing technical assistance to authorities in order to ensure complliance with international and EU AML/CFT standards.


Even though the APML is its main beneficiary, the Project also supports implementation other AML/CFT stakeholders' activities.


In cooperation with various stakeholders, the Project supported organisation of more than 30 awareness raising and training events attended by more than 1,350 participants.

The main topics of these events were organised around the content of the 2018 National ML/TF Risk Assessments whose findings were presented throughout the system. The topics also included ML/TF typologies and trends, Guidelines for ML/TF case tracking and statistical reporting, and improvement of capacities of the APML, supervisors, LEAs and judiciary.


Activities supported also include drafting of legislation and strategic documents (amendments to the AML/CFT Law and new national AML/CFT Strategy 2020-2024), and support to authorities in demonstrating their progress to relevant international organisations.

The Project supported the work of several expert working groups to produce and publish a number of publications, including ML/TF Typologies, National Risk Assessment and NPO Donor's Guide.

The Project also supports the APML in improving its IT system, and one of the related activities was the creation of this website, and of a web-based application for tracking ML and TF cases which is at the testing stage.