Training and capacity building

Globally, money laundering and terrorist financing methods are changing rapidly with an increasing use of new technologies. Globalisation and liberalisation of capital markets further complicate the situation. Therefore, countries must be active in identifying and mitigating risks at both the national and international level. This requires ongoing exchange of experiences, continuous specialised training and capacity building.

Since its establishment in 2002, APML has been regarded as a promoter of international AML/CFT standards and good practices. Given its central position within the AML/CFT system, it has served as a coordinator of key AML/CFT activities and a contact point for relevant international organisations for AML/CFT.

APML takes part in capacity building of other authorities and private sector partners in many ways, through various fora and projects. Article 84 of the AML/CFT Law lays down that the APML ‘plans and delivers training of APML staff and cooperates in the training of obliged entity staff concerning the implementation of AML/CFT legislation.’


Serbian authorities, as well as international organisations, have sustained their focus on AML/CFT issues, which has resulted in a large number of initiatives aiming to enhance capacities, provide training and reach out to various AML/CFT stakeholders in Serbia. APML has either launched or supported such initiatives ensuring they fit into Serbia’s national strategic AML/CFT objectives and avoiding unnecessary duplication of efforts. Ensuring effective technical assistance is also one of the issues discussed at the level of the AML/CFT Coordination Body.

APML maintains contact with relevant partners in Serbia, such as the Judicial Academy and training centres of other authorities, and international partners delivering training programmes and providing capacity building assistance in this area, such as the Egmont Group, UNODC, OSCE, US Justice Department’s OPDAT, Rosfinmonitoring’s International Training and Methodology Centre for Financial Monitoring.