APML has invested efforts, thorugh adequate monitoring of development of international standards and situation of the AML/CFT system in Serbia, as well as experiences of its counterparts and relevant international organisations and entities, in strategic planning of its development and capacity building.


In this regard, opportunities to benefit from foreign donor funds, especially those of the European Union (IPA, TAIEX) aiming to improve situation in the justice and home affairs sector, are extremely important. The APML belongs to the JHA sector for the purpose of planning of international assistance and projects.


In addition to preparing and proposing projects where it is the main beneficiary, the APML also takes part in developing and implementing projects lead by other authorities where they are related to the remit of responsibility of the APML and its competences.


The APML has a Team for International Cooperation, Training and Projects whose main task is to prepare and participate in preparation of AML/CFT-related projects or those relevant for APML, to consider opportunities for benefiting from EU assistance (IPA, TAIEX), and other foreign donors, for the purpose of securing funds for implementing APML's strategic priorities.