Function and organisation

The APML is the financial intelligence unit of the Republic of Serbia and it performs all the core functions of an FIU, i.e. it receives and analyses the data, information and documentation that it receives from its obliged entities and otherwise, and disseminates its financial intelligence to competent authorities.

In addition to the FIU functions, the APML has a number of other key powers, not common to all FIUs. Specifically, the APML may issue an order to suspend execution of a transaction to 72+48 (if 72 hours end on a weekend) and an order to monitor a client’s financial operations for up to 6 months. It can also use these powers at a justified request of a foreign FIU.

The financial intelligence system in Serbia received positive international ratings. In its 2016 Mutual Evaluation Report for Serbia, Moneyval notes as a key finding that ‘[t]he APML plays a central role in generating financial intelligence. The analysis products generated by the APML are of good quality and have the potential of supporting the operational needs of law enforcement agencies (LEAs)”.

In terms of internal organisation, financial intelligence is generated by the Sector for Analysis and CTF.

APML takes part in all major AML/CFT LEA cases and is represented in task forces established under the Law on Organisation and Competences of State Authorities in Suppressing Organised Crime, Terrorism and Corruption.



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