Serbian translation of FATF Recommendations, Methodology and five guidance papers

06 April 2020

With the aim of enhancing compliance with international AML/CFT standards, with desire to provide relevant information to experts, professionals, and broader public as well, APML has published on its website the Serbian translation of International FATF AML/CFT Standards, the Methodology and five research papers on ML/TF through online gambling, on risk-based approach guidance for accounting services providers, on concealing beneficial ownership, on preventing the financing of proliferation, on combat against ML/TF for judges and prosecutors. The texts have been translated into Serbian within the framework of the Project on enhancing the quality and efficiency of suspicious transaction reporting and APML core functions, which is financed by the European Union. The beneficiary of the project is the Ministry of Finance – APML, and is implemented by a consortium led by KPMG. All the texts can be found in the Library under International standards (in the Serbian version of the website).