Key AML/CFT authorities sign an MOU to enhance statistical analysis of and reporting on ML/TF cases

07 October 2021

Key 10 AML/CFT authorities have signed an MOU on the keeping of uniform records of data with the aim of providing guidance and ensuring consistency in the monitoring of and reporting on ML and TF cases and for the purpose of feeding into the assessment of efficiency and effectiveness of the AML/CFT system. 


The MOU was signed by and between the Republic Public Prosecutor's Office, Prosecutor's Office for Organised Crime, APML, Ministry of the Interior, Security Information Agency, Customs Administration, Tax Administration, Ministry of Justice, Seized/Confiscated Assets Management Directorate and Supreme Court of Cassation.


By signing this MOU the above institutions have agreed to implement a web application which will facilitate tracking the movement of the ML and TF cases, as well as support the end-to-end management of these cases. The application will also facilitate provision of support for the purpose of collecting, sharing and keeping of information, establishment and maintaining of registers, risk analysis, information analysis and reporting. In addition, the application can also generate specific statistical overviews of ML/TF cases which can feed into strategic considerations and assessments of efficiency and effectiveness of the AML/CFT system.


This web application and MOU are a follow-up to the Guidelines the Government adopted earlier (3 May 2019) that laid down a uniform methodology for reporting on and tracking of ML and TF cases.