Training for the Games of Chance Administration

07 May 2019

For the purpose of enhancing AML/CFT knowledge that new staff in the Games of Chance Administration have, Ministry of Finance –APML and Games of Chance Administration are organizing a training titled Money laundering and terrorism financing risk assessment and the role of supervisory authority in the AML/CFT system. 

The training is held on 8 May 2019 at 10.00 in Belgrade, on KPMG Premises, 11 Kraljice Natalije St.  

This training is organized within the EU-funded project on Enhancing the Quality and Efficiency of Suspicious Transactions Reporting and Administration for the Prevention of Money Laundering Core Functions, which is implemented by KPMG-led consortium.

International community sees AML/CFT in games of chance sector as a significant challenge. Assessing the system effectiveness of a country, FATF sets straightforward criteria in its Recommendations for this sector. A country is expected to respond to these criteria, in order to show efficiency of its AML/CFT system.   

ML and TF risk assessment, adopted by the Government on 31 May 2018 contains ML and TF threats and vulnerabilities at a national level. Action Plan for the Implementation of Recommendations from ML and TF risk assessment was adopted by the Government and published in the Official Gazette of RS (no. 55/18) on 16 July 2018.  

Risk assessment of money laundering and terrorism financing included the analysis of games of chance sector. Based on vulnerability, the sector was classified under high risk.

In line with identified deficiencies and weaknesses, there is an outline of activities that should be undertaken in the period to come aimed at decreasing the vulnerability. Such activities are encompassed by the Action Plan for the Implementation of Recommendations from ML and TF Risk Assessment.