Training for organizations of civil society (OCSs): How to identify possible abuse and protect against it?

22 April 2019

Ministry of Finance - Administrationf for the Prevention of Money Laundering organized on 18 April 2019 a training for OCSs - How to recognize poptential abuse and protect agasint it, in cooperation with the Office for Cooperation with Civil Society. 

The purpose of the training was to enhance knowledge and strengthen capacities of OCSs related to potential risks of abuse of NPOs for terrorism financing purposes. Specific mechanisms and tools being demonstrated through this training helped OCSs protect against potential abuse.

The participants learnt of possible ways to finanice terrorism - a fund raising process was described in detail (fpr example, donations and single payments), as well as money transfer and its use for terrorism financing...

During the session, APML presented the steps to be taken if a name of a designated person appears in the search engine. This engine enables all domestic natural and legal persons to check whether they have any contacts, or business cooperation with the mentioned category of persons, in an efficient and simple manner.

The participants were made aware of a role that FATF and Moneyval play, together with 40 Reccomendations (mandatory standards), with a special emphasis placed on NPOs...