High-risk and other monitored jurisdictions - FATF - February 2021

24 March 2021

FATF, the international AML/CFT standard setter, regularly issues public statements


a) identifing countries or jurisdictions with serious strategic deficiencies to counter money laundering, terrorist financing, and financing of proliferation ("High-Risk Jurisdictions subject to a Call for Action") and


b) identifying countries that are actively working with the FATF to address strategic deficiencies in their regimes to counter money laundering, terrorist financing, and proliferation financing ("Jurisdictions under Increased Monitoring").


The most recent statements were published by the FATF in February 2021. We call on the obliged entities to take this information into account in their operations, in line with provisions of AML/CFT Law.

You can access these documents via following links:


High-risk jurisdictions


Jurisdictions under increased monitoring



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FATF's process to identify and review jurisdictions with strategic AML/CFT deficiencies